We also have lab infrastructure in other locations.

Other locations

PV Solar Cell Lab - Leuven

The PV solar cell lab is located at imec, Leuven and offers fabrication and characterisation of mono-crystalline silicon solar cells with state-of-the-art equipment. As such, it is well-suited to evaluate and process both standard and new materials in the silicon solar cell value chain: evaluation of silicon wafer material, novel wet chemical processes, advanced diffusion, surface passivation dielectrics and metallisation schemes. The versatility of the equipment allows both process improvement for standard silicon solar cells as well as development of advanced cell technologies. Simulation expertise at process and cell level is also available. Statistical methodologies for continuous improvement of the critical cell parameters have been developed. All technologies are developed and applied on industrial M2-sized silicon solar cell wafers.

Wind Tunnel and Soiling Lab

The dust wind tunnel from KU Leuven has been specially designed to study dust dynamics and provides solutions to understand and mitigate soiling problems in various environments and climates. We can also test your instruments and devices under harsh (windy and/or dusty) conditions. The environmental dust wind tunnel allows reproducible and reliable testing under strictly controlled conditions.