Test your medium voltage smart grid equipment in a three-phase synthetic grid under realistic conditions.

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Kris Baert

Business Developer Electrical networks
Technical Notes

In the EnergyVille Medium-Voltage Smart Energy System Lab, our experienced team offers

  • Generation and measurement of voltages and selected currents in 3-phases, AC and/or DC
  • Surge voltage generation and measurement
  • Partial discharge and tan-delta measurements
  • Pre-certification testing to the applicable standards
  • Selected mobile (off-site) capabilities
  • Hardware-in-the-loop device testing using real-time simulation
  • Custom measurements and experimental configurations for out of the ordinary cases tests
  • Research and consulting services, including product (re)design support

The PolyLine system consists of two synergetic facilities

  • A traditional, single/three-phase AC (50Hz, 60 Hz)/DC + impulse facility
  • A three-phase synthetic grid with floating current injection
  • Generate and capture complex system transients and non-ideal behaviours unavailable to traditional testing facilities
  • The amplifier-driven sources enable equipment, sensors, and protection devices to be exposed to fully userprogrammable situations of: unbalance, harmonics, transients, reproduction of recorded grid faults, fluctuations in fundamental frequency, interaction with control devices, and more
  • Hardware in the loop simulation: validate the interactions of your smart device with a complex system


  • Manufacturers of traditional and smart medium-voltage equipment
  • Developers of traditional and smart medium-voltage equipment
  • Energy transport and distribution operators
  • Industrial facilities
  • Research organisations
  • Training and teaching

Industrial applications

Test the safety, efficiency and performance of industrial high-/medium-voltage components in our Medium-Voltage Lab under ideal, realistic and adverse circumstances.


Our research is geared toward cost-effective asset condition monitoring (ACM) techniques, with a focus on novel sensor devices. The aim is to make ACM accessible to more infrastructures, also at the lower voltage levels (MV, LV), where the cost of traditional solutions has been prohibitive. With pervasive condition monitoring, complex infrastructures can be more effectively maintained and the likelihood of outages, equipment damage and harm to personnel reduced.


Through its modular design, the laboratory offers an exceptional level of flexibility far beyond a classical HV test system. The numbers given are not exhaustive. Please inquire for specific tests.

  • Traditional, single-phase tests
    • AC 50 Hz/60 Hz up to 200 kVrms
    • DC up to 200 kV
    • Impulse up to 280 kV
  • Poly-phase system with arbitrary wave shapes
    • 3 x 100 kVrms 5 kVA/ph DC
    • 40 Hz to > 150 Hz
    • 3 x 280 Arms 3 kVA/ph DC to ~300 Hz
    • 3 x 20 kVp 20 mA/ph DC to 10 kHz
  • Wide selection of measurements and logging devices
    • Voltage and current, including floating sensors
    • Partial discharges (conducted 3 phase muxed, AC and DC; optical)
    • Tan-Delta (up to 12 kV, DC – 400 Hz)
    • Frequency response analysis

EnergyVille Synergy

The EnergyVille Medium-Voltage Lab can be interconnected to the EnergyVille’s Matrix Lab, linking to the Smart Grid Infrastructure Lab, Home Lab, Battery Testing Lab, and Thermo-Technical Lab for all-round testing of multi-modal devices. Integration with the EnergyVille real-time grid simulation capabilities allows for complex grid control and interaction studies of smart devices.

Practical considerations

  • Access to the Medium-Voltage Lab requires the presence of a qualified EnergyVille representative.
  • The required experimental set-up will always be co-designed with an EnergyVille expert