The Home Lab is a real life test infrastructure Home Labfor home energy management systems, residential demand response technologies involving smart appliances and in-home communication systems. The Home Lab enables the testing of residential energy management systems, communication systems, novel optimisation algorithms etc. in real life conditions.


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    Thomas Polfliet

    Business Developer Flexibility, Grid- & Market design at EnergyVille/VITO
    Technical Notes

    The Home Lab infrastructure consists of:

    • Two residential electrical distribution boards, each of which represents a household
    • A flexible electrical connection system that facilitates devices and appliances to be connected in any single or three-phase configuration to the distribution boards
    • All measurement and peripheral equipment is powered separately as to not influence test results
    • Each electrical node is individually measured for a wide range of electrical parameters
    • Measurement data is automatically synchronised and stored in a central database. Via the dedicated interface configuration, management of the measurement campaigns is easy
    • Each electrical connection point is equipped with an Ethernet connection that is part of an ICT infrastructure. Each of these connection points can be routed into any number of parallel secured, open or islanded network configuration
    • The Home Lab is equipped with an external internet connectivity

    The EnergyVille Home Lab set-up enables the integrated testing of products and services that are key to the implementation of Smart Grids, such as home energy management systems, residential demand response technology and in-house communication technology.


    • A programmable load (10kW) with a dedicated interface that allows for easy configuration of consumption profiles
    • A PV inverter simulator (2.5 kW)
    • A PV panel simulator (2 kW)
    • Multiple types of smart meters, energy management systems, smart plugs
    • Multiple smart appliances, including state of the art smart washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, air conditioners and domestic hot water (DHW) buffers
    • Various battery packs

    Inter-lab connections

    • The Home Lab can be connected to the Smart Grid Infrastructure Lab to set up low voltage distribution grid tests.
    • The Home Lab can be connected to the Thermo Technical Lab in order to include (smart) heat pumps, μCHPs and thermal storage components.