The EnergyVille 2 laboratory has a total area of 20Lab Facilities00 m², and houses the infrastructure for the TFPV, Battery and Si-PV Modules laboratories. To accommodate these different activities, 1500 m² of the lab has been equipped with all facilities required by the different tools used by the research groups active in the laboratory, while another 500 m2 is available for future expansion. Available facilities include bulk gasses N2, H2, O2, Ar and forming gas, compressed air, cooling water and DI water. An industrial waste water treatment system and both solvent and acid waste collection are available, as well as exhaust channels both for inorganic and organic vapours. Specialty gasses and chemicals, tailored to the needs of the tools and customers, are delivered directly to the laboratory. The full laboratory is an ISO8 cleanroom facility, with temperature and relative humidity control.


    Bart Onsia


    Bart Onsia

    Business Developer Solar, Batteries and Power to Molecules at EnergyVille/imec
    Lieve De Doncker


    Lieve De Doncker

    Business Developer Solar and Storage Materials at EnergyVille/UHasselt


    Laboratory infrastructure perfectly tailored to the needs of any company and/or institute active in the field of Renewable Energy Research, with state-of-the-art facilities, maintained and managed in order to meet the highest standards in quality and availability/uptime.


    • Thin Film Photovoltaic cells/modules
    • Si-PV Modules
    • Battery Storage


    • PV cell/module research teams and manufacturers
    • Battery cell research teams and manufacturers
    • Renewable Energy and Storage Material suppliers
    • Renewable Energy and Storage Equipment vendors


    • ISO Class 8 cleanroom (US FED-STE-209E class 100.000 equivalent)
    • Temperature control 21 ± 2 oC
    • Relative Humidity control 50 ± 10 % (dry room <1%)
    • Bulk gasses: N2, H2, O2, Ar and forming gas
    • Process Cooling Water
    • DI Water
    • Industrial Waste Water treatment, Solvent and Acid waste collection
    • Organic and Inorganic vapour exhaust channels
    • Storage and delivery system for specialty gasses and chemicals