The EnergyVille Digital Grid Emulation Lab is a multifunctional lab with grid emulator capabilities. Our detailed real-time power system simulators enable the testing of grid control functionality in close to real-life system conditions.

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Kris Baert

Business Developer Electrical networks
Technical Notes


Full-detailed system tests to meet the needs of future power systems: from concept over conformity with new standards to
full system integration.
Our experienced team offers:

  • Expertise on power system modelling (especially HVDC)
  • Protection relay testing (including IEC 61850)
  • Power Hardware in the Loop (P-HIL) testing through a virtual grid integration of new components (e.g. converters, battery systems, …)


  • Pre-tender spec validation for new grid assets
  • Testing performance and configuration of new equipment
  • Offline investigations of non-trivial fault situations
  • Training personnel (operational and configuration of equipment)
  • Verification of grid connection set-up
  • Grid code compliance testing
  • Pro-active testing of future standards and protocols
  • Interoperability testing at neutral ground

Our offer

  • Controller-Hardware-In-the-Loop (C-HIL)
    • Integration of equipment that has a control function in the grid
      • Intelligent on-load tap changer control
      • Variable and unbalanced voltage controller in systems with significant single phase infeed
    • Grid protection (relays)
      • Study of the effect of RES penetration on existing and future grid protection
  • Communication infrastructure
    • e.g. Smart meters or smart substation equipment
    • Through new communication protocols & through new substation communication protocols (e.g. IEC 61850)
  • Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop (P-HIL)
    • Connecting equipment through their power circuits (loads, generators, converters, breakers,...) to a grid emulator
    • Specific examples: PV installations, batteries
    • Interface studies with different RES integration levels or different grid concepts


  • Transmission System Operators
  • Distribution System Operators
  • RES developers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Industrial players in energy business
  • Aggregators or VPP

Computational backbone

-> Real-time EMT simulations of power systems

  • RTDS
    • World industry standard in real-time power system testing
      • EMT simulation of up to 720 single-phase nodes typical system timestep 25-50μs power electronics 2μs
    • Analog & Digital component interfacing (I/O channels) for P-HIL & C-HIL testing
    • Network interfacing
      • IEC 61850 GOOSE Messaging
      • IEC 61850-9-2 sampled value messaging
      • IEC 60870-5-104 SCADA communication protocol
    • Matlab/SIMULINK based OP 5600 real-time testing platform
      • EMT simulation of up to 300 single-phase nodes
    • Optical coupling with Triphase rapid-prototyping platform

Signal amplifiers

  • 4 2x6 channel amplifiers: testing of up to 8 protection relays simultaneously typical system timestep 25-50μs power electronics 2μs

Linear high-bandwidth amplifier

  • Spitzenberger & Spies: 4 quadrant 4 x 5 kVA (3-phase + neutral)
  • High bandwidth for power-electronic control testing
    • 50 kHz small-signal bandwidth
    • 5 kHz large-signal bandwidth

Switched-mode high-power amplifiers

  • Triphase power amplifiers: several active front ends with DC/DC capabilities
    • e.g. Triphase PM 90: 90 kVA 3-phase AC active front
    • 2x15kVA AC/DC Converter for bipolar DC grid operation
  • Coupling of up to 4 Triphase amplifiers with OPAL-RT simultaneously

SCADA Interfacing with distribution management system

  • GE PowerOn Advantage ADMS

Protection relays: overcurrent, distance, differential

  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

Interfacing with other EnergyVille laboratories possible

  • Home Lab
  • Low voltage AC and DC grids
  • Battery Testing Lab
  • Commercial Roof PV power plant