This lab provides an ideal environment for an efficient screening and evaluation of the new concept materials and electrode architectures for electrochemical energy storage and conversion applications. A wide range of processing equipment, as well as equipment for electrochemical characterisation is available to weigh the pros and cons of the candidate materials or concepts at lab scale. For electrochemical energy storage applications, our infrastructure supports the whole processing flow, from raw materials till coin cells, which can then also be electrochemically tested on-site. Apart from (temperature dependent) cycling tests, also more advanced electrochemical characterisation such as electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and in-operando Raman spectroscopy measurements are possible.

Lieve De Doncker


Lieve De Doncker

Business Developer Solar and Storage Materials at EnergyVille/UHasselt
Technical Notes

AdvantagesDESINe lab

  • Fast response time
  • In-depth evaluation of the results and expert feedback
  • Materials expertise (synthesis, processing, characterisation, …)
  • Access to a large array of processing equipment and chemical as well as physical characterisation methods, available within Hasselt University and its Institute for Materials Research (IMO)


  • Electrochemical devices, such as:
    • Batteries
    • Supercapacitors
    • Fuel cells
    • Electrolysers


  • Producers of: electrochemically active electrode materials, binders, current collectors, (liquid or solid) electrolytes, cell packaging, additives, separators, etc.
  • Cell manufacturers (batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, electrolysers)


  • (Sustainable) materials production methods
    • Expertise in inorganic but also organic and hybrid materials
    • Lab scale reactions
    • Initial upscaling in specific reactors
  • Slurry formulation and characterization
  • Electrode coating manufacturing and characterization
  • Assembly of coin cells inside a glovebox
  • Electrochemical characterisation
    • A variety of electrochemical testing equipment for coin cells (>160 channels)
    • Temperature dependent electrochemical characterisations
    • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (up to 7 MHz)
    • In-operando Raman spectroscopy

Extra features

Access to a large array of on-site processing equipment and chemical as well as physical characterisation methods, available within other groups and departments of Hasselt University, and its Institute for Materials Research (IMO).