Electrical energy storage technologies are of vital importance on the path towards a fully sustainable future. Storage can smoothen the intermittent production of renewable energy and improve matching demand and supply. In traction applications electrical energy storage offers a more energy efficient alternative to the conventional solutions.

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Sofie Ignoul

Business and Relationship Development at Energyville/VITO
Technical Notes

Multiple electrical energy storage technologieBatterijtestlabo_1s exist. Selecting the optimal one for a given application is a complex matter which requires a lot of expertise and knowledge.

EnergyVille can perform performance and lifetime tests according to any customer specified profile. The state of the art equipment allows the testing of batteries and ultra-capacitors on cell, module and system level, independent of the specific technology or the type of cells. Both commercially available technologies as well as prototypes can be assessed in different
environmental conditions. We have elaborate experience in developing custom efficiency test procedures that are equivalent to actual application cycles (electric vehicles, PV connected batteries, ...).

EnergyVille offers performance and lifetime tests according to international standards:

  • Static capacity tests at various discharge currents
  • Constant power discharge tests
  • Hybrid pulse power characterisation tests
  • Self-discharge tests
  • Cold cranking tests
  • Thermal performance tests
  • Energy-efficiency tests
  • Charge sustaining cycle life tests
  • Charge depleting cycle life tests
  • Calendar life tests

The EnergyVille Battery Testing Lab can provide various temperature profiles for each test, as well as several current ripple profiles.

EnergyVille’s staff of highly skilled engineers and technicians helps you to translate the evaluation results into advice for a specific product or business. If needed, EnergyVille supports the product development and integration of technologies from a few hours of consultancy to a full development project to customer specification.

EnergyVille has extensive experience in evaluating products objectively, according to external standards. This EnergyVille lab functions according to the international quality, environment and safety standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

EnergyVille has one of the most extensive battery testing labs in Flanders, consisting of multiple battery and cell testers and a flexible setup.

The EnergyVille testing equipment:
2 PEC SBT8050 battery testers (36kW)

  • 24 channels in total
  • maximum voltage: 80V per channel
  • maximum current: 600A, max. 12 channels of 50A each

2 PEC SBT0550 cell testers (6kW)

  • 48 channels in total
  • maximum voltage: 5V per channel
  • maximum current: 600A, max 12 channels of 50A each

1 PEC ACT0550 cell tester (16kW)

  • 40 channels in total
  • Maximum voltage: 5V per channel
  • Maximum current: 250A, max. 5 channels of 50A each

Triphase 75kW inverter

  • maximum voltage: 700V
  • maximum current: 160A nominal, 200A peak

Triphase 30kW inverter

  • maximum voltage: 700V
  • maximum current: 96A nominal, 144A peak

1 VMP3 from Biologic with 8 independent potentiostat/galvanostat channels including
electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurement.

  • current ranging from 10 μA up to 5A with a resolution of 0.0033% of FSR
  • voltage ranging from 0 to 10V with a resolution of 0.0033% of FSR
  • frequency range 1 MHz to 10 μHz (accuracy: 1%, 1°)
    • amplitude potentio: 1 mVpp to 1 Vpp
    • galvano: 0.1% to 50% of the current range

Associated temperature chambers

  • temperature range: -20°C – +55°C