R&D & Engineering


You will be involved in several research and knowledge-intensive consultancy projects as an expert on energy market (clearing) modelling and assessment of energy markets. The markets in scope cover electricity markets extended to multi-carrier markets for gas and heat: from day-ahead markets to real-time balancing including system services (flexibility). You will coordinate the development of the energy market clearing simulator in Python and Julia over different projects. You will be based in VITO/EnergyVille in Thor Park Genk, Belgium.

Your responsibilities

  • In the team of ‘Energy Markets’ you will be the expert on electricity market design and modelling. 

  • You are responsible for the electricity market clearing software and manage its development and roadmap. You are responsible for the definition of priorities of functionalities to be implemented. In cooperation with a business developer, you are able to derive and implement market-ready solutions and/or products from this software toolbox.

  • You supervise colleagues in tasks related to the electricity market simulator development.

  • You elaborate your expertise in the field of electricity market design and modelling, taking into account technical, economic, societal and regulatory aspects. 

  • You communicate research and project results in clear and high-quality reports, scientific papers and presentations.

  • You actively extend your network to improve scientific excellence and to expand the team’s portfolio of knowledge-intensive consultancy projects within your area of expertise. 

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  • You hold a master degree in Engineering, Economics, or a related study. Holding a PhD-degree is a bonus.
  • You have at least 3 years of experience within the energy sector and want to further study energy markets, energy systems and the changes within these fields. You have a proven (scientific) record on the topic.
  • You have experience with building and running electricity market clearing models (similar to European electricity markets). 
  • You have factual knowledge on how today’s energy markets are designed in Belgium and in the EU, and in particular, you are an expert on (day-ahead) electricity market clearing.
  • You are proficient in Python and Julia programming languages. You have a strong affinity with software development. 
  • You have experience in managing projects, preferably related to the electricity market development.
In addition, having (some of) the following qualifications (in order of importance) are considered to give you a competitive edge:
  • You have proven experience in software version management and scrum techniques.
  • You have proven excellent optimization skills or are familiar with game theory.
  • You speak Dutch or French.
  • You have experience in writing tenders or research project proposals.
  • You are familiar with gas markets or district heating pricing/markets. 
  • You are familiar with modelling market participant behaviour.


  • A competitive salary
  • A range of benefits including allowances, insurances, adjustable holiday package
  • Flexible working hours and workplace
  • Innovation is our core asset, therefore it goes without saying that we give our employees the opportunity to undertake additional training and keep up to date in their field of expertise
  • The chance to be part of an organisation with an international reputation, known for its advanced technological research and scientific consultancy
  • The possibility to actively contribute towards sustainable developments at local, national and global level