Postdoc position in ‘Electro-chemo-mechanical study of solid-state lithium batteries’


The overall goal of the project is to perform an in-depth experimental and computational study of the solid-state lithium batteries.

The gradual move beyond conventional lithium-ion batteries  seems inevitable on account of their limited energy content. Solid-state electrolytes can significantly boost the energy density as it allows for more densified cell architectures. The introduction of a solid phase to replace the conventional liquid-phase electrolytes is, however, a rather disruptive step and many material integration issues still need to be resolved. The operation of a battery relies on proper electronic and ionic contacts between the different components. The rigid nature of the solid-solid interfaces poses serious concerns about mechanical-induced degradation. Indeed, significant change of volume and insertion-induced stresses can impede decent and stable performance of a solid-state battery. Through a combination of experimental approach and macroscopic physics-based modeling, the ultimate goal of the project is to optimize the formulation and architecture of the solid-state lithium batteries.    

The activities for this postdoc position centers on the following main targets

  • Design & fabrication of a novel in-situ ‘breathing’ electrochemical cell with which the displacement of the electrode/electrolyte can be tracked during cycling.
  • Characterization of the ionic charge transport and heat transfer in the solid-state batteries.
  • Development of a coupled electro-chemo-mechanical model for the solid-state batteries.


  • You hold a PhD in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering.
  • You have a strong background/experience in the following disciplines: design and development of electromechanical devices, charge/mass transport phenomena, finite-difference and finite-element methods, and good coding and programming skills.
  • You have a previous research experience with batteries or fuel cells.
  • You are able to work independently and are eager to take initiative and responsibility. 
  • You have the necessary qualities to function within an international team. Very good verbal and written communication skills in English are required.

Application procedure

Please send your application including the following items to

  • CV that spotlights your profile match to this project
  • Short summary of your experimental and computational expertise with electrochemical systems



Job type

Postdoctoral researcher