This page presents the research on HVDC performed within the Power Systems Research group of EnergyVille. The focus of the HVDC research is on power system aspects of HVDC, both including AC system and DC system aspects.

Current HVDC research topics:

  • Hybrid AC/DC system models
  • AC/DC interactions
  • Ancillary services in power systems with HVDC grids
  • Protection of meshed HVDC grids
  • System development for hybrid AC/DC grids

Resources for research on HVDC grids:

People at EnergyVille involved in HVDC research:

Current involvement in projects related to HVDC:

Past involvement in projects related to HVDC:

Involvement in Cigré working groups:

  • Ongoing
    • B4-64 "Impact of AC System Characteristics on the Performance of HVDC Schemes"

    • B4-70 "Guide for Electromagnetic Transient Studies involving VSC converters"

    • B4/B1/C4.73 "Surge and extended overvoltage testing of HVDC Cable Systems"

    • B4-74 "Guide to Develop Real-Time Simulation Models (RTSM) for HVDC Operational Studies"

  • Finished

    • B4-52 "HVDC Grid Feasibility Study"

    • B4-56 "Guidelines for Preparation of Connection Agreements or Grid Codes for HVDC Grids"

    • B4-58 "Devices for Load flow Control and Methodologies for Direct Voltage Control in a Meshed HVDC Grid"

    • B4/B5-59 "Control and Protection of HVDC grids"

Past HVDC research in the research team (Ph.D. Theses):

Kris Baert


Kris Baert

Business Developer Solar and Electrical Energy Networks at EnergyVille/KU Leuven
Dirk van hertem


Dirk van Hertem

Professor Electrical Engineering at EnergyVille/KU Leuven