KU Leuven

Promotor / Supervisor

Prof. dr. ir. Johan Driesen

Samenvatting van het onderzoek / Summary of Research

Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drives combine an interestingset of characteristics including a high efficiency, a high torque-per-ampere ratio and a wide speed operating range. This makes them particularly suitable for application in (hybrid) electric vehicles. Future requirements on electric traction drives are getting increasingly stringent. Areduction of cost, weight and volume is required, while an increase of efficiency, power density and reliability is necessary as well. To achieve these goals, research and development mainly focuses on improved designs and materials. However, performance figures are not only determined by the properties of individual drivetrain components, but also in the way traction motors, power electronic converters and energy storage interact as a system. Because this interaction is (for a large part) determined by the applied control strategy, a large potential for improvement issituated in this area.  This thesis investigates how advanced control algorithms can contribute to a better utilization of existing systems without change of the hardware, in order to meet the aforementioned requirements. The switching frequency, current vector and DC-link voltage are exploited as degrees of freedom for control, in order to to improve the drive's performance figures (torque, power and efficiency), within its electrical and thermal constraints.

Volledige tekst van het doctoraat / full text

Examencommissie / Board of examiners

  •   Prof. dr. ir. Johan Driesen (promotor)
  •   Prof. dr. ir. Herman Neuckermans (voorzitter/chairman)
  •   Prof. dr. Johan Meyers (secretaris/secretary)
  •   Prof. dr. ir. Geert Deconinck
  •   Prof. dr. Elena Lomonova , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  •   Prof. dr. Gerd Terörde , Hochschule Osnabrück
  •   Dr. Piet Vanassche , Triphase N.V.