Name: Tiwei Wei

Promotie / Defence

When: 08/09/2020 17:00
Language: en

Where: Online defence via Skype

Promotor / Supervisor

  • Prof. dr. ir. Martine Baelmans (promotor)
  • Dr. Herman Oprins (co-promotor) , IMEC

Samenvatting van het onderzoek / Summary of Research

Thermal issues become more and more crucial in electronic products, such as MobilePhone, PC, server and data center, especially in high performance computation device. Current cooling solutions could not meet the demand of increase of chip power density. In this research work, we are focusing on the lost cost liquid microjet cooling with advanced fabrication technology. This solution can realize higher heat transfer rate than others.

Volledige tekst van het doctoraat / full text

Examencommissie / Board of examiners

  • Prof. dr. ir. Martine Baelmans (promotor)
  • Dr. Herman Oprins (co-promotor) , IMEC
  • Prof. dr. Adhemar Bultheel (chairman)
  • Prof. dr. Ingrid De Wolf (secretary)
  • Prof. dr. ir. Robert Puers
  • Dr.Ir. Eric Beyne , IMEC, Kapeldreef
  • Prof. dr. Muhannad S. Bakir , Georgia Institute of Technolgy