Contact information

EnergyVille 1
Thor Park 8310
3600 Genk
Tel +32 (0)89 39 97 00
Opening hours: mo-fr 8.30 - 16.30  

EnergyVille 2
Thor Park 8320
3600 Genk
Tel +32 (0)89 39 31 10
Opening hoursmo-fr 7:30 - 19.00


Do you have specific press requests? Please contact:

Paulien Martens


Paulien Martens

Press and Communication


Bieke Demaeghdt

Press and Communication


Information for visitors


Visitors of EnergyVille 1 can use the ten visitor parkings available under the EnergyVille 1 building. The entrance can be found on the right side of the building (via the gate). Nineteen electric charging stations are provided in case you want to recharge your electric vehicle.

Visitors of EnergyVille 2 can use the parking spaces available on the right side of the building. Similarly, ten charging stations are available to recharge electric vehicles.

If the visitor places are full, you can find additional parking spots at the public parking lot at the entrance of Thor Park. For an overview of all available parking places, please consult the street map of Thor Park.

Warning! It is not allowed to park in front of the building: on the gravel, in the little 'park' or next to the roads in the whole of Thor Park. Parking guards check Thor Park very regularly for offenders.

Visitors for EnergyVille 1 with a disability can use the hydraulic lift available outside at the main entrance on the left, or the main elevator available in the garage in the basement. EnergyVille 2 is accesible through the main entrance door.


Suppliers for EnergyVille 1 have to register at the reception desk of EnergyVille 1.
Suppliers for EnergyVille 2 have to register at the control room, accessible on the left side of the EnergyVille 2 building (opening hours: 7:30am till 7:00 pm)

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EnergyVille can be reached by means of the Limburg Bicycle Network or cycle paths from all main directions:

Public Transport

Closest train station: Genk Station

Easy bus connections from and to the railway station in Genk 

  • From Genk Station:
    • Bus stop ‘Waterschei - Thor Park’ by City Line G1

Other bus connections

  • Bus stop “Waterschei Bascule” ​served by:
    • City line G7 Genk - Zutendaal
    • Regional line 8 Genk - Overpelt
    • Regional line 9 Genk - Lanklaar
    • Regional line 11 Genk - Maaseik
    • Regional lines 40 and 45


Campus EnergyVille can be reached easily thanks to the proximity of the E313/E314-highways. At Thor Park, there is plenty of parking space as well as the possibility to charge your electric vehicle.


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