Every year, EnergyVille publishes an annual report with an overview of the most interesting research highlights. Feel free to browse through the current annual report or take a look at one of the previous editions. We hope that these annual reports will shed an inspiring light on the energy transition. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Annual report 2022

An energy transition for all

cover annual report

Annual Report 2021

Another year of pushing the frontiers of innovative research

screenshot jaarverslag NL

Jubilee Report 2020

10 years EnergyVille

Jubilee report EnergyVille

Annual report 2019

Shaping sustainable energy research

Annual report 2019Jaarverslag 2019

Annual report 2018

The road to a sustainable future

Annual report 2018

Annual report 2016

EnergyVille ignites the energy of the future

Annual report 2016

Annual report 2017

EnergyVille: expanding the horizon

Annual report 2017

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