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EnergyVille researches the economic, technological and behavioural aspects of the current and future energy ecosystem and advises stakeholders on the changes involved in the short and long term. 


EnergyVille offers a fact-based analysis of the current and future energy ecosystem for both political and industrial policymakers. On a more operational level, we offer the knowledge to manage the energy system in a cost-efficient way, operability (an optimal communication and interaction between parts of the system) being a key aspect.

Based on the latest expert knowledge of technical and economic parameters of current and emerging technologies we provide research-based input to policy makers, energy service providers and industries concerned about their energy needs.  In addition we focus on the evolving relationship between energy technologies and our society. Our knowledge is based on scientific research in smart end user behaviour and in designing stakeholder engagement strategies.

Geert DeconinckGeert Deconinck, Professor in Smart Grids

'In the future we will consume energy very differently: thanks to the omnipresent apps and Internet connections, consumers can use electricity more efficiently and can participate fully in smart grids. The collected data can also lower the cost to society.'



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