Thermal-Hydraulic Network Model Based Design of Power Transformer Windings

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Coddé Joris

The PhD in engineering has the research topic: “Thermal-Hydraulic Network Model Based Design of Power Transformer Windings”. The PhD is in cooperation with transformer manufacturer CG Power systems. The goal of CG Power Systems is to develop a model for the thermal evaluation of power transformers. Therefore, the thermal project at CG Power Systems starts from the model of Radakovic and Sorgic. The goal of this PhD is to improve the thermal-hydraulic model of the windings. It has to be based on the physics, as accurate and reliable as possible for the calculation of winding temperatures and temperature gradients, and with a performance necessary for a design tool. It has to be valid for the various windings and cooling arts used by CG Power Systems. The PhD research focuses on following key areas:- Assessment of accuracy: by theoretical considerations and by comparing the results of THNM calculations on transformer windings with CFD simulations, the accuracy and capabilities of the THNM is assessed.- Assessment of hydraulic and thermal capabilities of the THNM, by comparing with CFD simulations of specific situations in windings.- Improvement of the THNM: based on CFD simulations or analytical solutions of recurring components, correlations are set up, improving the modelling