• Cozie and EnergyVille/VITO introduce Homefit 23.01.2018

    The inhabitants of East and West Flanders (Belgium) discover the savings potential of their home with the first scientific and free-of-charge energy audit tool!

    GHENT, 23 January 2018 – How can the energy use of your home be optimized as much as possible? That is the key question COZIE and EnergyVille/VITO provide an answer to with a Homefit energy report. The tool to apply for a Homefit report was introduced today in East and West Flanders and makes it possible to get a scientifically based renovation advice in 1-2-3, without any site visits. A Homefit report shows in a user-friendly way which renovation opportunities are most suitable for a building and how much the owner can save on his/her energy bill with it. Additionally, a Homefit is entirely free-of-charge and scientifically based. The launch took place today in East and West-Flanders, the other provinces follow in the course of 2018.

  • Proeftuin ECOREN: een unieke renovatie van vier woningen op 20 dagen tijd! 17.01.2018

    Ecoren beoogt de ontwikkeling van universeel toepasbare BEN renovatieconcepten voor eengezinswoningen en appartementsgebouwen. De uitdagingen in de renovatie van sociale woningen, en in uitbreiding van het volledige woningbestand in Vlaanderen, zijn legio. Het proces gaat in nauwe samenwerking met de eindgebruiker. Het gaat om een unieke renovatie van vier woningen op 20 dagen tijd, dit door leidingen in, en aanpassingen aan de gebouwschil zodat continue bewoning mogelijk is. Met een speciale focus op nieuwe technieken, maar ook op het comfort en het gebruiksgemak voor alle partijen.

  • Solar Energy: a crucial step towards energy neutral commercial buildings 21.12.2017

    Solar energy will play an important part in the roll-out of renewable energy. Within the EFRO/SALK research project, SolSThore, EnergyVille (a research collaboration between KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt for research on sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems) investigates the potential and most efficient arrangements of larger PV roof surfaces. Panels are placed in different formations (e.g. based on tilt angle, orientation) and linked to a building energy management system. This way, EnergyVille supports and provides input to commercial and public buildings on how to efficiently implement PV systems. 

  • Inventory renewable energy and Combined Heat and Power 18.12.2017

    EnergyVille / VITO creates an energy balance every year on behalf of the Flemish Region, with an inventory of renewable energy and combined heat and power (CHP).The energy balance outlines a general overview of the energy consumption and production in Flanders per energy carrier for the most important sectors. The publication of the energy balance up to and including data of 2016 is expected soon. The inventory of renewable energy sources zooms in on the consumption of biomass for energy purposes and on the final consumption of green electricity, green heat and green transport in Flanders. EnergyVille / VITO also draws up an annual overview of the plants for combined heat and power in Flanders.

  • Thijs Peirelinck receives the Encon Energy Prize 2017 for his research on Artificial Intelligence! 13.12.2017

    The 7th edition of the Encon Energy Prize brings a new winner! Thijs Peirelinck, former Master student at KU Leuven, and recently employed at EnergyVille, received the prize for his paper 'Using Reinforcement Learning for Residential Demand Response of a Building Model in Modelica’. With this paper he collaborates on a self-learning system for heating installations. Thijs received the prize from Minister of Energy, Bart Tommelein.

  • EnergyVille links Thor Park to Internet of Things! 30.11.2017

    GENK, 30 November 2017 – Since today, the first version of the SmarThor ICT Platform, developed by EnergyVille, is up and running at Thor Park in Waterschei, Genk. SmarThor is the combination of Smart and Thor and integrates energy generation and –usage, both thermal and electric, of the entire Thor Park into one ICT-platform and is based on Internet of Things Solutions. By means of advanced regulation and control algorithms, the SmarThor ICT Platform balances both demand and supply, and will enable in the future to interchange energy remainders by means of a virtual electricity heat and cold market.

  • ASSIST project against energy poverty 14.11.2017

    EnergyVille, in partnership with 10 other organisations from 6 European countries (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium and Finland) and one European association, has begun working on the three-year project ASSIST, designed to fight fuel poverty in Europe. This project, funded by the European Commission under the H2020 program, will address both energy and social issues, as fuel poverty is not only an energy concern nor can it be tackled in isolation of the bigger issue of poverty.

  • Leading Companies and Research Partners, inlcuding EnergyVille, meet in Dublin for Launch of EU-SysFlex 10.11.2017

    Dublin, November 10 - Over 100 representatives from Europe’s leading power companies, universities and research and technology partners met in Dublin this week for the inaugural meeting of the EU project Pan-European system with an efficient coordinated use of flexibilities for the integration of a large share of RES (EU-SysFlex).


  • Antwerp as a European living lab for circular economy with Circular South 09.11.2017

    On 1 November the project Circular South kicked off in Antwerp. With this European project, of which EnergyVille is a partner, the city wants to stimulate the smart use of energy, water and waste in innovative ways. The Urban Innovative Action fund of the European Commission selected Circular South out of 206 project proposals. The launch took place in the New South District, which will be intensely involved into the project.

  • Citizen engagement and the City-Zen project 20.10.2017

    On Thursday 5 October our colleague Sarah Bogaert gave a presentation on the City-zen project during European Utility Week. The City-zen presentation was part of the “citizen engagement” session. The key-takeaways of the presentation can be found below.

    The objective of the City-zen project is to develop and demonstrate energy efficient cities and to build a methodology and tools for cities, industries and citizens to reach the 20-20-20 targets. In order to make this possible 20 projects were set up in Grenoble and Amsterdam.

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