Business Day

23 May 2017 - 12:00 to 18:00
EnergyVille, Thor Park 8310, 3600 Genk

The third edition of EnergyVille’s Business Day will take place on 23 May 2017. You are warmly invited to attend this event and gain valuable insight in our future developments. 


  • GeoWatt: “Research activities on 4th generation thermal networks”
    • Presentation 1: Welcome and Introduction GeoWatt- Carlo Mol
    • Presentation 2: Operational experiences with thermal networks and substations - Ben Segers (Veolia)
    • Presentation 3: GeoWatt research activities on 4th generation thermal networks - Johan Desmedt
    • Presentation 4: Fault handling in DH substations - Dirk Vanhoudt
    • Presentation 5: PCM-based thermal energy storage: in the context of 4th generation district heating networks - Bart Peremans
    • Presentation 6: Testing electromagnetic methods (EM) for evaluation of geothermal potential - Virginie Harcouët-Menou & David Lagrou
    • Presentation 7: Towards 4 gDH in the Genk area - Koen Allaerts
  • SolSThore: “Building-integrated PV and battery storage”
  • Smart Cities: “Energy Efficiency meets  ioT in the built environment: Business opportunities guaranteed”
    • Presentation 1: Introduction 'zetjewoningopdekaart' - Mayor of Genk, Wim Dries
    • Presentation 2: City Zen project: New urban energy empowered by City-zen - Sarah Bogaert
    • Presentation 3: Connected buildings programme (beyond energy cluster) - Marlies Van Holm
    • Presentation 4: Smart Energy Management for smart buildings - Steven Van Deun
  • SmarThor: “ICT framework for supporting multi-energy optimization strategies”
  • Introduction to Thor Park (Kathleen Sterckx and Peter Vandeurzen)


The flyer with the abstracts of the individual presentations can be found here



  • 12.00-12.30: Welcome with sandwiches
  • 12.30-13.00:
    • Introduction to EnergyVille (Jef Poortmans)
    • Introduction to the Energy Cluster (Frederik Loeckx)
  • 13.00-14.45: Parallel session (please make sure to choose one of the following)
    • GeoWatt: “Research activities on 4th generation thermal networks”

In this session, EnergyVille will give an update on its research activities related to 4th generation thermal networks. Such thermal networks offer a lot of potential to improve the overall energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy sources, leading to economical and ecological benefits. GeoWatt is studying and developing different innovative concepts, components and tools to increase efficiency and/or reduce cost when deploying 4th generation thermal networks. In this session, we will start with a general overview of the GeoWatt research activities and then zoom in on fault detection in substations and on the importance and types of storage solutions. Related to the integration of geothermal energy sources, a presentation will be given on innovative measurement techniques to evaluate the geothermal potential in a specific region. The GeoWatt knowledge will be used in a pre-study of a regional 4th generation thermal network and some of the innovations will be demonstrated real life in the thermo-technical lab of EnergyVille.

  • ​​SolSThore: “Building-integrated PV and battery storage”

In this session we’ll review various aspects of Building Integration of PhotoVoltaic systems and how EnergyVille tackles the challenges.  We’ll see how the newest thin film technology prepares for large area subsrates both rigid and flexible, as well as for transparency and how novel interconnection methods for crystalline Si modules bring about higher efficiency and more aesthetics. We’ll present the characterisation and reliabilty assessment infrastructure and expertise we deploy, including our state of the art testbed. Renewable energy generation needs balancing and that’s where novel batteries and battery management systems come enter the game. EnergyVille’s vision on interconnecting all these elements over a DC nanogrid will also be presented. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Our real life demonstrators validate our findings. Join the session to get an update on all this in just under 2 hours.

  • 14.45-15.00: Break
  • 15.00-17.00:
    • Smart Cities: “Energy Efficiency meets IoT in the built environment: Business opportunities guaranteed”

Energy efficiency in residential buildings is a hot topic. The European Commission dedicates substantial efforts on reducing the buildings’ energy consumption. At the same time, big data and IoT are no longer only buzzwords but making a real difference in businesses today. Discover what EnergyVille, big data and IoT can offer to your business in the built environment already today.

  • SmarThor: “ICT framework for supporting multi-energy optimization strategies”

SmarThor explores novel solutions to combine the application of various energy carriers into a single end user energy service. The complexity and optimisation of the interactions between those carriers are thereby hidden from the end users and fully placed at the level of the energy sector. The SmarThor activities include envisioning of future realisations of multi-energy systems and the development of a first multi-energy market model. In addition, various multi-energy control strategies are being developed, as well as an IT platform that facilitates such development and enables co-operation by making these strategies available to selected partners.

  • 17.00-17.15: Thor Park: "Digging Energy for the Future" (Kathleen Sterckx and Peter Vandeurzen)
  • 17.15-18.00: Reception (+ possibility to have a guided tour through the building upon request)

This year, we offer you the special opportunity to have a face to face conversation with one of our professionals. Do you have a question you want to discuss with our experts? We’ll arrange a short session in one of our meeting rooms during the Business Day.

Practical details:

Do you want to register for the event? The registration tool can be found here.(Please note that registration is mandatory).

Thor Park 8310
3600 Genk

Please note it is not allowed to park in front of, or on the roads leading to, the EnergyVille building. A visitors parking is available at the entrance of Thor Park or on the left side of the EnergyVille building.

For an overview of last year's programme and presentations, you can have a look here.

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