Energy Storage

EnergyVille designs the interfaces between storage units and the system of which they form a part. These interfaces consist of hardware and software components which ensure the efficient, flexible, safe and cost-effective integration of storage units.


Battery management system

Each type of storage has its own specific characteristics, and the corresponding management system must always be specially configured to achieve optimal results in terms of state of charge, state of health and balancing of the electricty cost. The battery management system measures the health of the battery and helps balance the electricity supply and demand. Through its development of battery management systems, EnergyVille is enhancing the reliability and cost-effectiveness of the components in a renewable energy system.

Integration of storage devices:

EnergyVille is focusing on the development and integration of technology that makes it possible to combine storage systems in innovative ways. This would allow a system to offer a range of functionalities, such as a high capacity for energy storage and high power, or long-term and short-term storage, possibly in combination with microgrids. Such a system could also combine different storage systems (batteries, ultracapacitors, etc.).

Eefje PeetersEefje Peeters, Thematic manager 'Energy Storage'
"Renewable energy is the energy of the future, but to have wind and solar energy at our disposal at all times, we need to be able to store it. Batteries, and other forms of energy storage, offer effective and efficient solutions to realise that future."



Johan DriesenJohan Driesen, Professor Electrical Energy
nergy storage is the missing link to massive integration of sustainable technologies, such as renewables based power conversion or plug-in vehicles."
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