Electrical Systems

EnergyVille investigates the development, operation and use of electrical networks, starting with the user and continuing on up to the transmission system. We focus on a seamless integration of renewable energy sources, both into distribution and transmission systems and into developed areas.


Research topics:

  • System interactions between loads, generation and networks
    • Interaction between generation and load, including storage, network control/flexibility and ancillary services between operators
    • Operational management of energy (including electrical) systems via the optimal coordination of generation and consumption
    • Reliable supply of energy: risk-based and deterministic analysis of reliability
    • Integrated District Energy Assessment by Simulation (IDEAS): unique simulation environment for the integration of renewable energy sources
    • Operator interactions
  • Design of electrical energy systems for transmission and distribution
  • Increased use of direct current in electrical systems
    • Offshore grids
    • Use of controllable systems in electrical networks (HVDC, FACTS, etc.)
    • DC nanogrid concept
  • Integration of photovoltaics (PV)
    • Increased accuracy of short-term energy yield forecasting of PV systems, especially on cloudy days
    • Building-physical properties of photovoltaic systems integrated into building façades (BIPV/Building Integrated PV)
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