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Local communities and cities play a crucial role in the energy transition. A large proportion of energy usage can be attributed to the urban landscape, and forms a significant challenge. Therefore, new buildings, renovation projects and even entire districts must conform to high energy standards. EnergyVille develops knowledge to support public and private stakeholders in the transition to an energy efficient, low carbon and sustainable urban environment. Our new technological insights, decision making tools, assessment methods and new business models are tested in living lab areas all around the world and are tailor made on behalf of our customers.


Energy and resource efficiency of buildings, building elements and the techniques and materials used are all decisive for the total energy use and environmental impact of the buildings around us. EnergyVille helps to make building materials, technical service systems and renewable energy components more energy and environmentally friendly and efficient.

Research topics



Dirk Saelens, Professor Building Physics

Government, industry and citizens are increasingly aware of the absolute necessity to address excessive energy use in buildings. This general awareness creates a one of a kind momentum to tackle the energy challenges at all levels: starting at the development of energy master plans to upgrade city neighbourhoods, to motivating home owners to insulate their roofs. Every little bit helps!


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