International fair and conference

May 31-June 2 2017


  • Researcher Jef Beerten nominated for the New Scientist Science Talent award 24.05.2017

    The science magazine New Scientist will for the third time award a prize this year for the largest scientific talent of the Netherlands and Flanders: the New Scientist Science Talent 2017. This award was launched last year to bring groundbreaking research by young scientists from Belgium and the Netherlands to the attention of a wide audience.

  • Northern Limburg municipalities choose geothermal energy 19.05.2017

    18 May 2017 - Today, the Northern Limburg mayors (1) and representatives of VITO, INFRAX, NUHMA, EnergyVille and POM Limburg gathered at the House of the City in Lommel, Belgium to launch a task force that maps the potential of geothermal energy and its exploitation for the region. Research shows that the potential for deep geothermal energy (2) is certainly present. There are aquifers (or water-bearing layers) in the region that can be used for heating purposes. The temperature in the deepest water-bearing layer appears to rise to more than 150°C, which is enough to be able to produce electricity in addition to heat.

  • Together4Energy project to engage social and energy actors in the creation of an innovative European network of Vulnerable Consumers Energy Advisors 17.05.2017

    EnergyVille, in partnership with 10 other organisations from 6 European countries (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium and Finland) and one European association, has begun working on the three-year project "Together4Energy, Networking and Action to Tackle Vulnerability Together", designed to fight fuel poverty in Europe. This project, funded by the European Commission under the H2020 program, will address both energy and social issues, as fuel poverty is not only an energy concern nor can it be tackled in isolation of the bigger issue of poverty.

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