Energy Storage Europe

International fair and conference
14-16 maart 2017


  • Joint Ownership Agreement NODA-EnergyVille for STORM controller technology 14.02.2017

    Joint Ownership Agreement NODA-VITO/EnergyVille voor STORM controller technology

    This afternoon, swedish district heating solution provider NODA Intelligent Systems AB and energy research center EnergyVille/VITO , partners in the European Horizon 2020 research project STORM ‘Self-Organising Thermal Operational Resource Management’ have signed a Joint Ownership Agreement on the innovative district heating controller technology developed in the project.

    The technology will be part of NODA’s Smart Heat Grid flagship product, which provides intelligent control functions that manage district heating networks and coordinates the interaction between production, distribution and consumption in order to achieve energy efficiency and long-term sustainability.

  • New European competition launched to find innovative solutions for greener cities 08.02.2017

    IoT Challenge for greener cities

    “IoT for Greener Cities” is a new challenge launched as an initiative of the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. It targets finding and developing cutting edge technologies, based on the Internet of Things and other IT innovations, which could be easily introduced in our homes, buildings and cities to reduce CO2 emissions and improve local air quality.

  • EnergyVille launches objective preview of Belgian electricity provision in 2020-2030 30.01.2017

    On request of Febeliec, the ‘Federation of Belgian Industrial Energy Consumers’ EnergyVille has published an objective study of the Belgian Electricity system of 2020-2030. Without giving preference to any specific technology, this study consolidates and reports on possible energy scenarios for Belgium in 2020 and 2030 including their implications on energy production and costs for the Belgian industry. Remarkable about this study is that all calculations strive towards the best economic solutions or the lowest costs, for the whole system.

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