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Business Day


  • EnergyVille in het Europees Parlement 03.06.2016

    Lunch Meeting Europees Parlement op 31 mei 2016

    To present EnergyVille to the Flemish Europarlementarians, that was the purpose of our visit to the European Parliament on Tuesday 31 May. Via its Directorates General, the EP takes lots of important decisions that determine the evolution of the energy landscape in Europe. Therefore we found it useful to present our neutral research cooperation and to explain about our ideas for the energy system and the role that EnergyVille fulfills in it. Also, we went into the detail of some of our research, such as markets and ICT, storage, fact-based energy strategies, the use of living labs and thermal systems. The Flemish minsters, cabinet and governments that are working in energy participated as well, so our presentation ended in a lively discussion.

  • Fact Check: How much support has already been pledged for wind and solar energy in Flanders/Belgium? 25.04.2016

    The Government of Flanders supports the production of renewable electricity with a system of green certificates. The Federal Government offers support for offshore wind turbines. Support is needed to offer investors adequate security. In addition, the social cost must be kept to a minimum.

    A significant amount of support has already been pledged in recent years. This fact check gives an estimate of the total accumulated commitments of support for solar (photovoltaic energy), onshore and offshore wind. Because this support is available for ten to twenty years after the installations are commissioned, there are commitments that run through 2038.

  • Mitsubishi and EnergyVille join forces to investigate enhanced DC grid protection 15.03.2016

    Today, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Japan and KU Leuven signed a research agreement for a joint project: during 4 years we will investigate enhanced direct current (DC) grid protection methodologies together.

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